a Gold Mask Can Help Soothe Your Dry Skin

3 Ways a Gold Mask from Cocoage Cosmetics Can Help Soothe Your Dry Skin

a Gold Mask Can Help Soothe Your Dry Skin

Of all the time-tested traditions for cleansing and beautifying the skin through the years, gold masks might be one of the oldest. None other than Cleopatra herself was known to use a gold mask each night to preserve her great beauty. A gold mask can help soothe your dry skin.

The Japanese Geisha used similar techniques to keep their skin looking radiant and beautiful.

Today, the traditional continues with celebrities, many of whom spend big bucks for gold facials the night before their walk down the red carpet. And as it turns out, there are many valid reasons why the elite turn to gold masks time and time again.

There are scientific reasons backing up the effectiveness of gold masks. And thanks to Cocoàge Cosmetics, there are now gold masks you can do from the comfort of your own home. We spoke with their skincare and beauty researchers about how gold masks can help.

Here are 3 Ways a Gold Mask Can Help Soothe Your Dry Skin:

#1 Gold Masks Enhance Blood Flow

People with dry skin often face the challenge of uneven and blotchy skin. But gold applied to the skin is known to enhance blood flow, evening out skin and producing radiant skin. Gold in mask form delivers even more targeted, concentrated care to the face.

#2 Gold Masks Enhance Cell Turnover

Cocoàge Cosmetics offers their 24K gold mask in a self-heating form, which allows powerful gold to penetrate more deeply into the skin. The heat also opens up the pores for a deeper, more intense clean. This results in a more powerful impact on the skin for cell repair and regeneration.

#3 Gold Masks Are Naturally Moisturizing

Cocoàge Cosmetics’s Hot Temp Stimulating 24K Gold Heat Therapy Mask also has helpful added ingredient that nourish and moisturize dry skin. This includes Kaolin clay, green tea extract, Cacao Extract and many other moisture-providing ingredients. The end result is a powerful mask that purifies, cleanses and moisturizes the skin.

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