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Discover the Exquisite Range of Cocoàge Cosmetics Products

The Cocoàge Cosmetics Products line spans across various collections to target specific skin concerns and skin types with Cacao and 24K Gold as the main active ingredients, in addition to various antioxidants and emollients, combined by certified cosmetics experts with decades of experience in the industry.

The result? A skincare line of products that really work to deliver visible results for your skin.

Cocoàge Cosmetics span the following collections:

  • Anti-Aging
  • Brightening
  • Cleansers/Exfoliators
  • Daily Essentials
  • Eye Care
  • Masks
  • Moisturizers
  • Protect/Prevent

Best-selling Cocoàge Cosmetics products include:

Did you know your skin actually repairs itself while you sleep? Give your beauty sleep an extra boost with our rich ultra-rich active ingredient packed cream.

To make your complexion really glow, we set the gold standard for skincare by blending in pure 24K gold essence, said to increase the appearance of skin elasticity. Cacao extract, our star ingredient, contains omega-6 fatty acids, which helps in cellular healing, meaning your beauty sleep can actually produce better results.

A luxe fusion of Sunflower Seed Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E work to plump up even deeply etched lines. So sleep well and wake up more beautiful!

Cocoàge – HOT TEMP Stimulating 24K Gold Heat Therapy Mask


We all need occasional pampering, and this warming mask is like a luxe beauty therapy session for your face.

Start your skin detox treatment with a wash of Zeolite, a potent ingredient derived from volcanic matter; paired with Kaolin, a natural clay mineral, the two help draw impurities out of clogged or enlarged pores leaving room for better absorption of active ingredients and nutrients.

The warming means it’s working, so relax and allow the active ingredients to do their thing. Pure 24K Gold in skincare products is believed to increase blood flow on the surface and improve the look of skin. Green Tea targets exiting photo damage and inflammation, which means that surface skin redness, and even rosacea or acne, can appear faded or less red.

The raw enzymes contained in Cacao Extract can help your skin look more youthful and immediately rejuvenated. Relax and let your natural beauty show.

Cocoàge – Sweet Treat 24K Gold Hydrating Cream for Dry Skin


If you’ve been wondering how to recapture your youthful glow, this luxurious moisturizer was created with you in mind.

Pure 24K gold, believed to slow down collagen depletion and increase skin’s elasticity, is the base element in our intensive moisturizing formulation. We added in a triple power blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera Gel, some of nature’s proven and most potent softeners, to immediately target fine lines and deeper wrinkles.

Our hero ingredient, Cocoa Seed Extract, is loaded with Omega 6 fatty acids, which are said to help with cellular healing.

Rich but not heavy, this formulation will add a boost to your beauty routine, leaving skin looking renewed, refreshed and luminous.

Cocoàge – Delight Caffeine 24K Gold Eye Cream


Pamper your delicate eye area with a 24K Gold-infused cream fit for royalty.

Precious 24K Gold when used in skincare is believed to help reduce the breakdown of elastin thereby restoring both firmness and elasticity. A surge of Cocoa Extract, can work to help stimulate blood flow and increase the speed of cell turnover, making eye area look and feel refreshed.

Powerful peptides and antioxidants including Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Green Tea, and Coriander target and diminish the appearance of skin damage including wrinkles, laugh lines and puffiness. Shea Butter and Seaweed soothe inflammation while delivering intense hydration and brightening.

Eyes are left looking more youthful, crepiness seems to disappear, and skin looks softer and firmer. Très belle – so very beautiful.

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